Favourite Bloggers of 2011

Good evening!

When I started a year ago, I was reading a few blogs, but not that many. I still read almost every one of those blogs, and there is 3 or 4 of them on the list today. By no means is this an extensive list; I wanted  to keep it at a manageable number and include my very very favourites. If you want to see more blogs I love, check out the right sidebar, or go to my blogger profile and check out the list there :) One of my goals for 2012 is to read more blogs, so if you have some suggestions please share!

If you want to visit any of the blogs below and show them some love, just click on the image and enjoy!!

In no particular order, my favourite Canadian bloggers!!

Barbara of hodge:podge is one of those truly lovely people that always have the nicest things to say. Her blog is filled with fab DIYs, beautiful inspirations, and one of my favourite series, So Canadian, Eh?

Bijour & Boheme is one of those blogs that you can't look away from. When you first visit the world of Christine, you will be filled with the most beautiful images and inspirations. She scours the web for only the best finds, and she has found some serious gems!

Formerly of dress design decor, Daniella started her new blog to share little snippets of her life, as well as her love of design. She takes most of the photographs on her blog, and it is a beautifully curated selection.

Kerry and her husband have been fixing up their home since they bought it, and First Time Fancy chronicles that, along with Kerry's inspirations and dream travel destinations :) There's also some of the new baby, Halle, who is just so sweet and cute!

Another blog that mainly chronicles the reno of a couple's home, but with a sense of style and humour that make it stand out from the rest. They just completed a beautiful bathroom reno, and are currently expecting a little baby!!

Next up, again in no particular order, my favourite international bloggers!!

Rachel has created a blog that is full of the most beautiful photos! Fashion, home, beauty, she covers all things pretty :)

I had to put Leigh's blog in my favourites because not only is she a fabulous artist, but her blog is full of gorgeous inspirations. From art to fashion, Create is a beautiful blog!

Shelly of a'la mode is truly one of the kindest bloggers I have met. I helped her with a few projects this past summer, and she could not have been more sweet. If you haven't seen her home, it is a must!

Michaela is a fellow university student and the same age as me, so I've always appreciated how beautiful she keeps her blog throughout the stresses of school. She has fabulous taste & style!

Carolyn of tilly | maison on Etsy has a beautiful blog where she shares her new products, as well as images that inspire her. Her blog is as beautiful as the trays she creates :)

And finally, my favourite fashion & beauty blogs!

I first discovered Laura when she Youtube-d & blogged under the name lollipop26 a couple years ago. She left the blog world for a little while, but when I found she had started her new blog, I was so excited! She is a fabulous & classy lady with a love of all things beauty & fashion & pretty :)

I discovered Sydney's blog through Pinterest, and I was hooked from the moment I saw her style! She is a gorgeous girl with fabulous style. Her and her husband had their first little baby a few months ago and he is so sweet. One of my favourite places to go for fashion inspiration!

Anna is a beauty & fashion blogger/vlogger based in Ireland. Her style is very classic & neutral, but always classy and put together. I adore her sense of style and her beauty videos are always full of fabulous ideas!

I'll probably publish this post and then think of at least 5 more blogs that I should have included haha Thankyou to all of you for creating these beautiful blogs and keeping my inspiration folder full of beautiful things :)

Hope you're having a lovely week!!