Good evening!

Today's post is one that I've been meaning to write for over a week now.

You see, in the fourth year of my program, we put on a final year show. Those involved with the art community might have heard of it, as it's had the same name for the past 3-4 years.

I was chosen at the beginning of the semester to be one of the curators of the show. My official designations are Catalogue Coordinator and Project Manager/Treasurer. (We have another PM who deals with people issues while I deal with money issues haha) Since September, we've definitely had our ups and downs. I was not originally the Treasurer, but after our first Treasurer left the team, I took over the responsibility.

Our venue for the show is the fabulous Airship 37 in the Distillery District. And we have several sponsors lined up, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to publicly discuss them yet. But they're all fabulous companies!

We are SO excited about this show! But at the moment, a mere two months from opening, we are having some difficulties. This year, our venue cost alone is way over the total budgets of previous years. And that doesn't include any of our printing/food/promotion/etc costs.

So I am writing this post for two reasons today. First, if you live in the Toronto area and would like to attend, I would like to invite you!! The show runs from March 29-31, and there will be more information closer to the date. I would absolutely LOVE if you could come!! (You can email me or leave a comment if you'd like more info :) )

Second, I would like to ask if you are in any way able to help with any sort of donation, I would love you to the moon and back! Even if you could spare $5, it would be an huge help. We have a Go Fund Me page, as well as a paypal account I believe. Or if you own or know someone who owns a company and would like to help, we do have a sponsorship package that I can send you. There's lots of perks to being a Meta Sponsor :) Even if all you can do is spread the word, I will be forever grateful!

Well, with that awkward paragraph out of the way, let's talk about some fun side of Meta! haha

Meta is going to be BADASS. Seriously. We have 30+ artists vying for a spot in the show, and the stuff they're creating is friggin' awesome. They blow my mind at their critiques. The level of work put into these projects is astounding and I cannot fathom the time and energy they put in. The full website is launching in a few weeks, and you can check it out right here. I'll link it again when it launches :)

So yeah...just wanted to let you guys know what I've been up to and why I've been so bad at blog-reading lately haha This show is taking up a lot of time! But it will be SO worth it in the end :)

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and have a lovely Friday!!!