Stampa & Sara Singh

Good evening!

I came across a fabulous website the other day, Stampa. And what they do is feature a series of artists every single week. The artists work is available to buy for only 4 weeks, but there is no limit to how many prints can be bought in those 4 weeks.

Once I discovered Stampa, I went along and browsed around, but my scrolling and clicking stopped short when I found the work of Sara Singh.

Watercolour, silhouettes, fashion illustrations??? Everything I love :)

You obsessed now too?? There's way more of her work on Stampa, you can click here to check it out. There's also 3 other artists currently being featured on Stampa, so you should check out their work too :)

I think that first print (Backdrop) might need to find it's way to my room. Like, ASAP.

Hope your week is going well!!!