Changes & Pretties

Good evening :)

Well if you can't tell already, my new blog design is up!! I loved the old font, but I've been wanting something more substantial and solid, so I went with this. And it has a subtle ombre from more brown to more grey. So in love with how everything turned out!!

AND Barbara has a new blog design too :) We've been working on it for a few weeks now and it went live last night/early this morning. And if you're looking for a new blog design, be sure to check out her blog tomorrow for a little giveaway :D

Okay, on to the promised pretties!! Since I'm home for reading week, I decided to document my room as it is right now. Lots of pretties, but not quite finished haha

My shadow box full of keys and buttons and sparkles :)

My Anthropologie 'B' mug with some pink flowers :)

A kitty in the mirror! (and maybe an unmade bed? haha)

Twilight Blue by Leigh Viner :) Waited for years to order this! SO glad I finally did!!!

31 Rue Chanel by Leigh Viner

Laurel wreath monogram on canvas :) Collections of bits & bobs in front.

Silhouette lady. Canvas is probably 20x30ish? She hangs above my bed :)

Shells from my grandma on canvas :)

And a flirtatious kitty  :)

Hope you enjoyed that little 'Tour of Pretties' haha Hopefully I'll have some proper room pictures in a few months as it all comes together :)

Hope your week is going well!!!!