Currently Loving Vol. 5

Good evening!

Haven't done one of these posts in a while! And I was in the mood :)

I have been drinking TONS of tea lately :) Started last weekend when we were up at camp and I was helping in the kitchen. The head cook is from Scotland and loves her tea! She constantly had a pot of tea on and it was always tea time :) And then this week I've started making mini pots for myself in the morning, and putting some milk in a little creamer and finding a comfy seat to do some morning work in. It's been rather fabulous :)

This has also been happening to my hair a lot lately. Except a little more messy. (ok fine. WAY more messy haha) The little braid around it is quite cute and I'm thinking I need to try it :)

Totally wish I was spending my weekend in a little stone cottage. Preferably in England, but I'll take rural Ontario :)

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Hope you have a lovely weekend!!