Delicate Silver

Hello hello!!

I've never been a huge jewelry girl. Well, that's not quite right. I have certain pieces that I adore and wear almost everyday. And I have many other pretty pieces, but I'm not one to spend a ton on jewelry for myself. The expensive pieces I do have were all gifts, and I adore them for their sentimentality as much as for the piece itself.

But lately I've been on a bit of an Etsy jewelry kick. And the theme seems to be delicate silver pieces haha

10 Candy Twists Stacking Ring
Just an Initial Ring
Sterling Silver Infinity Ring
Sterling Silver Tiny Initial Heart Necklace
I am seriously considering adding these pieces to my collection; they are all so pretty and so easy to wear everyday, but they're also pretty enough to be worn on slightly fancier occasions. And they would mix in beautifully with some of the pieces I already have.

Sigh. The never-ending wishlist continues.