Friday Favourites, Old & New Edition

Good morning!!

This is my first morning post in a while :) Had the day off yesterday after some crazy midterm-ing so I got a little blogpost prep done last night.

I loved Daniella when she blogged at dress, design, decor, and I love her new blog, daniella marie! She posts the most beautiful images, most taken by her on film. With my new interest in film photography, I'm loving her pictures and series on film photography. She posted this photo she took at a little tea shop this week :) And we know how much I love my tea haha

Some other favourites this week include:

Jen's post on Pinterest. Her Blog Talk series on Rambling Renovators is fantastic so far, and being an avid pin-ner, her post was perfect! Lots of great ideas for those new to Pinterest and even some for the vets :)

Kerry's new blog design!! She is just the sweetest and when we met up last week she mentioned she was getting First Time Fancy re-designed. It turned out beautifully!

Danielle's review of Alt Summit's online classes. She mentioned it a little while ago on Danielle Oakley Interiors, and with such a positive review from her, I'm thinking I might sign up for some when I'm home for reading week next week...

And, for your weekly dose of pretty, Erica's stylish finds on Moth Design. Girl has design talent coming out the wazoo, so it's no surprise her wardrobe is just as fabulous :) PS, have you ever seen her closet??

I hope you all had a lovely week!! I had a busy one, but I am so looking forward to next week :)

Happy weekend!!!