iPad's & Instagram

Good evening!

So this weekend was a little exciting :) I'd been looking a buying a new camera for a while now, and Future Shop was having a sale, so I bought myself a new little point & shoot! Nothing fancy, but my old camera was well, old haha And it was painful to use. So a new camera it was :) It's the Canon Elph 300 I believe and I'm quite happy with it. I would like a DSLR, but I wasn't ready for that investment quite yet.

BUT, while at Future Shop, I noticed they had a few other things on sale. Things I'd also had my eye on. So I might have also bought myself an iPad :D I had been saving for a while, so it was a bit of a splurge but one that I am SO excited about! I love it! Even my mom loves it and is now considering buying one haha She was using it to browse Pinterest the other night and I couldn't tear it away from her hahaha

One of the more exciting things for me was that I can now use Instagram!! I don't have an iPhone, but the app works on iPads too :) So in the spirit of beauty Mondays, here are my nail polish collection and a little shot of my beauty corner on my desk :)

And here's a few more Instagram shots, because that app is just fabulous!

My dad's old Minolta XG-1. Bought some film and started playing around with it this weekend. Can't wait to develop the photos and see how they turn out!
A pretty vase that I bought for my mom just after Christmas. Yes, we do have birds on the wallpaper haha It was up when we bought the house and when your house is 100+ years old, it's safer to keep the wallpaper up!
And my kitty :) I was sitting on the couch playing on my iPad and she came over to flirt and be cute :)
So those are some shots from my weekend! My Instagram name is brittdouglas8, or you can follow my twitter, @GalleryNoEight, where I'll be posting my fave Instagram shots :)

Hope you had a lovely Monday!!