Thoughts on IDS 2012

Good evening!

I know this post is several days late, but school's been super busy lately. Only a few months left to go!

I really enjoyed the Interior Design Show this year! It was actually my first time going, so it was a really fun experience! I went with my mom and aunt and we heard William Yeoward's talk on Saturday and he was just fabulous!

Of all the booths, my favourite had to be the Lissoni one. Why you may ask? Because of the backwards books!

I actually flipped all my books around on my bedroom bookshelf and my mom gave me the funniest look haha And she points it out to everyone that gets the tour haha But I love the look and apparently I'm not the only one!! (The books on my shelf aren't books I read anymore, they're my childhood books. Beatrix Potter, The Royal Diaries, all my favourites in my younger days :) )

I love the clean look that it gives. And trust me, I love a gorgeous book cover, but I didn't really want my Animal Ark books on display haha Turning them around was the perfect solution for me :)

Did you make it to IDS? What was your favourite booth?