Artist Love: Kristen Vasgaard

Good afternoon!

While on my little break, I did some serious Etsy stalking. There is so many ridiculously talented people on there, it amazes me every time I visit. So excited for all the little parcels that are making their way to me :)

I'm going to share my finds over the next few weeks, but first, I have to share the work of Kristen Vasgaard.

She opened her shop 9 days ago. Yep. NINE days ago. I'll let you ogle and then we'll talk again below :)

See the World
I Am Just a Little Pencil
Every Traveler Has a Home
True Love with a Chevron Heart
Beautiful stuff right?? Kristen is crazy talented and I cannot wait to see what appears in her shop next :) You can click on the link below each print to go visit them individually, or you can click right here to see all the work she has for sale! You can also view her fabulous portfolio of work on her site.

Hope you had a lovely day!