Cards for Mom

Good morning!

I've caught whatever bug it is that's going around at the moment. No bueno. Had just no motivation to do anything productive yesterday, but I'm back today!

Mother's Day is just about two weeks away, and this year I planned ahead a bit and ordered my mom a pretty present for her soon-to-be-redecorated room :) Can't tell you what it is (she occasionally checks in here and I can't spoil the surprise haha) but I'll share a photo when we finish her room.

But now I have to find the dreaded card. I will never understand the prices of cards in stores, but if I'm going to spend money on one, I want it to be extra pretty and actually worth the $7. So naturally, I went to Etsy!

Most cards on Etsy cost $3-5, so with shipping it costs the same as in stores AND you get to say that it's handmade and special. Total win. I've spent some time searching, and these are my four favourite!

I just think this one is so cute :) I love saying 'marvelous mum' in a british accent haha
Marvelous Mum
Love the valley-girl text on this one :) Makes me smile.
Best Mom Everrr
Okay fine, this one is a little more expensive. But it's HAND-CUT. You ain't finding that in the drug store.
Best Mom Ever
So pretty and dainty :) Love the soft colours and image on this one.
Love You Mom
And there we have it! There are tons more on Etsy, so even if you didn't like these ones, you should still check out the selection!

Happy Friday!