On (Designer) Beauty

Good evening!

It's been a few days! I spent the second half of last week moving out of the apartment I've lived in for the past three years and it was exhausting. (I barely had time to check my emails!) But I'm all moved out and back home :)

Did my last bit of big city shopping while I was in TO and picked up the most gorgeous turquoise nail polish, Dior Saint Tropez. I will admit it was quite a bit more expensive than your standard Sally Hansen or OPI, but it is beautiful. The bottle, the polish, the packaging - it all shows a considerable difference from the usual nail brands. (You can see it on my nails in the photo below!)

What are your thoughts on designer beauty products? Dior, Chanel, Burberry, so many design houses have makeup collections now, and some have become enormously popular in the beauty world. But do you think they live up to their hype? Or can you get beauty items that work just as well in Sephora or the drug store?

Well I kind of already know the answer to that last question. Sephora has tons and tons of absolutely fabulous products, and if you do your research, you can find many inexpensive but excellent products in the drugstore.

I guess my real question is, do you buy designer beauty? Why or why not?