Currently Loving Vol. 6

Well hello there!

It's been a little while friends! And I wish I could say I've been off on wonderful crazy adventures, but it's been a bit more mundane I'm afraid! Moving home, working away, reading new books, graduating university (okay, that one was a little exciting :D), and spending lots of time with family & friends.

Have been a little silent over here and on twitter, but you can always find me on Instagram under brittdouglas8. (Expect lots of kitties and nails hahaha)

But while I've been away, I've been finding lots and lots of good things! Here are just a few of the things I cannot get off my mind lately:
Moths by Sarah Burwash
Paolo Roversi Series 1 by Leigh Viner

Fortune Favors the Brave by Alyssa Nassner
Fur Collar Attitude by Blair Breitenstein
Home by Tad Carpenter
1. Gradient, grey, butterflies (moths, whatever.), all put together in a circle print?? Totally mine!! (also currently the background of my iPad haha)

2. Have loved this from the moment Leigh first posted it. She had it up in her shop for a while, but it's gone now and I am regretting not grabbing this beauty!!

3. Mmmmm...that's all I have to say about this one. Love the quote, the colours, the design, love it all!

4. A recent introduction by the fabulous Christine, this piece of Blair's is calling my name!

5. Loved this when it first appeared, but it got lost in the sea that is Pinterest. Recently rediscovered and am seriously considering buying. If only the shipping wasn't as much as the print :|

I've missed you guys! What are you loving lately??


Update: Leigh's piece, Paolo Roversi Series 1, is back up in her shop :) Planning my next order already aha