Birthday Wishlist

Good morning!

Seeing as my birthday is 1 month & 1 day away (!!!), I figured it was high time to make a little list of things I would like to find all wrapped up :) Many of these items are things I have loved for a loong time (mercury owls, zinc letters & that photo of venice - so dreamy!). And others are items that represent a general category that I love (birch trees, ampersands, & rose gold jewels). And the other two would be for my room (sparkly knob for my dresser & a lorem ipsum switchplace, which is so awesome, I have no words) that is always in progress (isn't that always the case??). 

This sort of doubles as my Christmas wishlist, but there's a few books I'd add to that list. Some people might see having a birthday 22 days before Christmas as a problem. I however, choose to see it as a whole month of gifts & celebrations :)

Happy weekend!!