The Best Lemon Cookie

Good morning!

Over the weekend, I made a batch of lemon cookies. The recipe was a Martha Stewart one, so I knew there was a fairly good chance that they would be delicious. But instead of normal lemons, I used meyer lemons.

Have you ever heard of or used meyer lemons before? They smell SO wonderful and I definitely think they gave the cookies a little extra something.

Thus, I have dubbed these cookies "The Best Lemon Cookie You Will Ever Eat".

The funny thing is I actually snuck one just after I glazed them so it hadn't set yet and I was kind of disappointed. They weren't as lemony as I was expecting and they weren't as soft as I was expecting. But a few hours later when the glaze had set (I might have let them sit in puddles of icing before moving them onto a cooling rack so the accidental icing on the bottom could set haha), they were so different! So definitely make the glaze and if you cover both sides of the cookie, it makes them even better :)

Is there a cookie recipe that you deem to be 'the best ever' in it's category?