Friday Favourites, Holiday Edition

Good morning!

I haven't done a Friday Favourites in a while, but I decided to bring it back today :)

Love love love these clay tags Lindsay made. I attempted to make some but I must have had a bad batch of clay because it was SO tough to work with!

via Little House Blog

Love these 'resolutions' from Mackenzie. I actually saw it on Pinterest before I realized it was from her, but I think it's a really great list of things to do next year.

via Design Darling
And some totally gorgeous holiday nails from Amelia! Think I'm going to have to try something similar today for a Christmas party tonight :)

via Duckling to Swan
In case you're up for some deep reading, this article about finding your purpose is an interesting read.

And don't forget to enter the Leigh Viner giveaway! Someone's going to win a fabulous print!! :D

Have a wonderful weekend!