Holiday Glam (on a budget)

Good morning!

I've been seeing a lot of fabulous holiday outfit ideas around the interwebs lately, probably because Christmas is less than a week away (!!!!! I'm not even done my shopping yet, oops!)

But let's just be honest, we don't all have the budgets to get completely decked out in J.Crew or Kate Spade.

Enter: Forever 21. I love this store so much. And I miss being 10 minutes away from one. Thank goodness they ship to Canada or I'd really be in trouble haha

I am so in love with that dress. Look how cute the back is!! But if you need it to be a little more classy, just throw the coat on and you're set. Lots of sparkle, a little leopard, and of course, some mint nails :)

And how much does that entire ensemble cost, you may be wondering? 150.46 (CAD). For everything you see up there. And you probably already have a couple of the pieces already, so it would be even less! Total win. And everything can be mixed up and worn again for other occasions - double win.

What store(s) are you hitting up for your holiday look(s) this year??


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