My Leigh Viner Story + Giveaway!

Good morning!

I am more excited for this post that possibly any other post I've ever posted. Bit dramatic? Maybe, but I'm still ridiculously excited!!

Before I get to the exciting part, I have a story to tell you first.
Twilight Blue
In the summer of 2009, I discovered Etsy & the beautiful art of Leigh Viner. It was Twilight Blue that really captured my attention & love. In one of my Visual Studies classes that fall, we had to share an inspiration, and I chose to share her work. I remember sharing Twilight Blue & Cricket, and a few others as well.

I stalked TB for months & months & months. I remember it disappeared once and I totally panicked & thought it was gone for good. But I contacted Leigh & she assured me it was still available. I asked for it for Christmas that year but it wasn't under the tree. (In fact, TB & I wouldn't meet until December 2011.)

Silence & Noise
I started my blog on January 1, 2011, and one of my first posts was about Leigh's work. I think I must have commented on her blog (which I'd been following since I discovered her work) and told her I had featured her on my blog & she stopped by and became my first follower! That was a pretty exciting day.

31 Rue Chanel
In November of 2011, I made my first purchase! The day they arrived in the mail, I was like a 5 year old at Christmas - SO excited. Twilight Blue & 31 Rue Chanel now live in my room :D (soon to be joined by Paolo Roversi Series 1 & Rivoli)

In January of 2012, I became Leigh's intern. She had mentioned something about wanting an intern in a blog post, so I emailed her and put myself forward, and she agreed! I think my prof thought it was a little odd, but I didn't care one bit. Having the chance to work with Leigh was just so wonderful.

Paolo Roversi Series 1
And now, here we are today.

Before Show
It is a completely surreal full-circle moment for me. I had no clue 3 years ago that I would have worked with Leigh, owned several of her prints (2 more are on their way to me!!), and be friends with an artist whose work I admire SO much. I am one blessed girl.

About A Pearl
So, onto the exciting part of this post!!!! One lucky person will win any standard sized print of their choice! You can check out her shop here, and enter below! There are 8 ways you can enter and the giveaway is open for one full week, until Dec 25. I'll announce the winner right after :)

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Good luck!!