O Christmas Tree

Good morning!

Our tree always goes up around the beginning of the month, but this year since I was sick, we didn't get it up until my birthday.

Now, this might make you think that it takes a lot of effort on our part. But we have an artificial tree, have since I was a baby. There was one year we had a real tree and both me and my brother were very pleased to go back to the fake stuff. This isn't the same tree we had when I was a kid. We got a new one 6 or 7 years ago. Comes in three parts, with branches and pinecones built in, and is pre lit. Plug the top into the middle, middle into the bottom, and bottom into the wall. Done.

It sat like that for a day, and then we got the ornaments up. This is my favourite part :)

None of our ornaments match. Very few were bought at the same time. For the most part, it is a collection of many years worth of ornaments and unpacking them from the box & finding our favourites to put up brings so many lovely memories. We have some from dear friends, some we made, and some just because we liked them.

But this year we have a kitten. Who thinks this wonderful tree is just brimming with fun toys to play with. So the bottom third was filled with the unbreakable/non-precious ones. See that guy in the bottom right corner below? Never stood a chance.

This is what I came down to the morning after we put all the ornaments up. A bare bottomed tree. And if you look closely, you'll see a little white face & 2 glowing eyes from within the tree haha

Quite proud of her handiwork, that one.

Hope your tree fares better than ours :)