Friday Favourites, Gorgeous Edition

Good morning!

Thankyou so much to those of you who read Tuesday's post. It was not easy to write but I am so glad I did. And thankyou to all who left sweet comments, you are all so wonderful!

There has been so much gorgeousness going around the interwebs this week that I just have to share :)
I love this little collection of lovelies on Michaela's desk! And I'm really hoping that when Target opens here, they'll have that sweet little journal!!

Steph just launched her spring print collection! You can see her whole shop at SS Print Shop, but I love what she's designed for spring - there's even an ampersand :D

Confession, I hadn't read Shay's blog before I discovered her office makeover, but oh my goodness! So much pretty over there! And it's no wonder when her new office looks like this!!!

Since talking about my fears on Tuesday, I've noticed several other things all about fear. Which is just how the universe works, isn't it? :) Lara Casey is talking today about naming your fears in order to push past them (and there's a whole bunch of other goodness over there too!) And today's daily devotion from Rick Warren was about replacing your fears with faith. Mom made sure to forward this one to me :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!