Life Lately, Vol. 2

Hello hello!

How was your weekend?? Mine was fairly uneventful (although I did manage to start & finish a book, think I might post a review sometime this week!), but I thought I'd share a few snippets :)

I took some photos on my old Minolta XG back in September, but I only finished the roll of film & had them developed a few weeks ago! We'd had a picnic for a dear friend who was leaving on an 11 month mission trip and it was so fun & the food was so good, we'd wondered why we'd never done this before! I instagramed some of the photos, including my favourite one of the dripping candle :) These have me dreaming of warm weather again! How many more months to go?.....

Now, this photo has a funny story. I was rearranging my gallery wall since I'd bought some new prints, and I decided to include a paper template of my favourite Anthropologie 'B' so it would have a spot when I finally went & bought it. My mom came in, saw the template and said "Oh, is that for your B you got for Christmas?" to which I replied, "I didn't get a 'B' for Christmas." We then debated back & forth for a minute on whether or not I had in fact received a 'B' - she remembered buying it, but I didn't remember getting it. So off to her closet we went and low & behold, an Anthropologie 'B'!! I immediately took down the template & hung my pretty 'B' :D I've been wanting one of these for so long now, so strange to think it's been sitting in my house for the past few weeks!

The snow was so fluffy on Sunday, and I had my blinds raised so Winnie (our cat) could see out the window, I thought it was such a lovely photo :) I'm not the biggest fan of the snow (can't wear cute boots in the snow), but it can be so pretty sometimes!

Can you spot the difference? It's so sparkly now! (I won't tell you how long it had been since it was last cleaned.....)

I installed Jen's new blog design this weekend as well :) Isn't it gorgeous?? She designed it and I installed it for her - just love how it turned out! The little tabbed widget there on the right is one of my favourite features :)

I think we're going to be painting our family room next weekend (Sangria from Benjamin Moore!!) so that will be exciting! I'll share a photo next week if we do indeed manage to paint it :)

How was your weekend?