Smoothie Love


If you know me in real life, you'll probably know I'm a fairly picky eater. Me + vegetables are not the best of friends. So when I discovered this trend of smoothies with veggies in them, I was sold. Because if you do it right, you can't even taste them :D A picky eater's dream hahaha

I've rounded up some of my smoothie Instagram's and some of my rough recipes if you, like me, would rather drink your veggies :)

These are all from the last few months. I don't follow a strict recipe, I just use what's in the fridge & freezer at the time. I do tend to really like spinach in smoothies because you honestly can't taste it. But if you are going to be drinking these everyday, it's good to switch up your greens. Here are my rough recipes for the pictures above (left to right, top to bottom):

1. 1 cup frozen raspberries, some spinach, frozen mango or peaches, probably a banana, warm water (helps the blender with the frozen fruit)
2. 1-2 bananas, 1-2 cups of pineapple juice, 1 yoghurt, or 1/2 to 1 cup (I've used plain vanilla, or even greek yoghurt) This one is reaally yummy :)
3. lots of spinach (1-2 cups?), frozen berries (the mixed bag), frozen blueberries, a banana, warm water
4. lots of berries, 1 banana, some greens, water

Now, if you want to get a little crazier, you can add some powders to your smoothies. I currently have a vegan protein powder and Sprouted Chia Seed Powder & Chlorella from Organic Tradtions. I bought mine from a local health store, but I've also seen a lot from this brand in Winners/Home Sense. (They also make these suuuuper delicious dark chocolate chili hazelnuts!) I really want to try Slippery Elm next. Mostly so I can weird my brother out haha, but it's also supposed to be really good for you.

For a really green, healthy smoothie, this is my rough recipe:
1-2 cups of kale (cut out the middle 'stalk' bit if you don't have a fancy blender)
1-2 cups of spinach
1-2 cups of vanilla almond milk (or water, or a bit of both)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 heaping tablespoon sprouted chia seed powder
1 teaspoon chlorella
1 lemon, peeled (& de-seeded if you don't think your blender can handle seeds)

I once tried celery, but you need a really good blender for that haha And you'd be amazed how much the lemon does! Sweetens that nasty kale right up. The vanilla protein powder also helps with the flavour a lot. I have the Harmonized Vegan Protein Powder from Progressive, but I have to be careful how much I use because I'm (very mildly) allergic to Stevia. One scoop every so often doesn't bother me, but I couldn't have it every day. Reminder to read labels ingredients before you buy even at health stores haha

So that's me & my smoothies :) I tend to have a few a week, usually for lunch because I find them to be a bit much for the mornings (especially the super green one), but I do sometimes have one for dinner. I tend to drink 750mL to 1L, just depends on how much I put in. I have a few big glasses (& mason jars) that I use for smoothies so I can pour it all into one glass at once and wash the blender out right after.

What do you think of super healthy green smoothies? Do you make them (whats your favourite recipe??) or would you try them? Or is it just not for you?