Font Love: Slab Serifs

It's February!! January went by so quickly, but February means it's almost March which means it's almost April which means it's almost spring!! Yay! :)

I was playing around in Photoshop yesterday with some new fonts, and I thought to myself, "Hey! That would make a cool blog post!" So, I have for you today some of my favourite slab fonts :)

Slab fonts are basically a mix of serif & sans-serif. They're usually chunky and bold, and the 'serifs' are thick and straight. They're great for headlines or for when you want something a little 'more' than just a plain sans-serif. They place nicely with a huge variety of fonts, from script/handwritten to sans-serif. There is a slab font for every need :)

All of these fonts are free (Conqueror & Sketch for personal use only), and Trend is a paid font. BUT! It is currently on sale for $19 (down from $159!!!) for the whole font family. I'm not getting anything from mentioning this, I just think it is a totally awesome font.

If you need any convincing to go buy Trend, I was playing around with it and made some gifs :)

Aren't those so fun?? Everything in the gifs is from the Trend family. You get so many pretty ornaments as well as an awesome slab (and sans!!) font.

Are you down with the slab fonts? Which is your favourite?