Winter Weekend Up North

You know those weekends that are so awesome it kind of hurts to see Monday roll around? Well I had one of those weekends. (And before you get too jealous, most of my weekends are spent chilling at home, this is not a regular occurrence!)

Me and mom were invited up to a family friend's cottage for a mother/daughter spa weekend :) Well, only the mothers got to go to the spa haha but we all got to spend time in their beautiful cottage up north. The decor and finishes were beautiful. (major difference to my family's old cottage that was more 'log-cabin-in-the-woods' than 'restoration-hardware-meets-muskoka' haha)

We woke up on Saturday morning to a foot and a half of freshly fallen snow and it kept snowing most of the day! We do not get that kind of snow here so it was really fun and so gorgeous. Me and the girls went out for a wilderness walk while the mothers were 'spa-ing' and it was so peaceful. Not another creature in sight!

I shared a room with one of my best friends that had two twin beds (one of my favourite cottage elements!) and this was our bathroom counter. We pack a little differently hahaha Yes, that's my side on the right. (that's her toothbrush & tiny facewash behind the soap dispenser on the left.)

And of course, my winter weekend nails :) Lavender with silver tips - perfect for a snowy vacation! I think I might do a tutorial for this mani, it turned out just how I imagined (which doesn't always happen!) and was really easy.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, whether it was full of snow or not :)