Font Love: Scripts


Time for some more font love :)

I could go on about beautiful script fonts for days. The ones I pulled for this post are my favourites from all the script ones I own (and I own a lot haha). I almost missed 'Signerica' and I'm SO glad I caught my mistake because this is such a classic!

Scripts have such a range - they can be really scribbly and hard to read, or they can be more handwritten, or they can be in perfect cursive. There is a perfect script for every idea and I love using this font family in projects.

Signerica, Sunshine & St-Andrew's Queen have all been in my font folder for a long time, but Learning Curve & Castro are newer to me (in the last few months) so they tend to be used a little more :) I have certain memories of using all of these scripts and I still love each one of them, no matter how often I use them or see them used! They are all free, but most are only free for personal use.

Do you have a favourite script font? Or is there one from the list above that you're going to download asap??