Friday Favourites, Poetry & Prints


Another week has come to an end, anything exciting planned for the weekend? Don't think we have anything planned - last weekend was busy with Easter & my brother's birthday, but we've been thinking of painting our family room so maybe that might happen? And *fingerscrossed* hopefully it gets a bit warmer outside - I can't wait to open up my window again!

I think my favourite find from this week was Eleonore Bridge's Sneak Peak on Design*Sponge. I loved her beautiful Parisian home and her little thoughts under each photo are just the best. My favourite, "I cannot keep plants alive, so I bought all mine from Ikea. They are very beautiful and completely fake." She's kind of the best right?

Other links I loved this week:

There's definitely a few books I've been waiting for on this 'Most Anticipated' list from Good Reads.

Some really lovely prints available on the OTL store - a fellow Dream Team member too!

'Why We Should Memorize Poetry' - an interesting read. I memorized poems in elementary school, but I admit I don't know much poetry now. Or even many people who do.

Speaking of poems I memorized, 'Tweetle Beetles' was my poem in grade one. I was, 6 or 7? And I memorized that whole thing perfectly. Pretty sure I'd have a hard time doing that now haha

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)