New Finds & Old Loves

A few housekeeping updates before I get on to my favourites. I've changed my comment box - it's now a pop up instead of being embedded - what do you guys think? I've seen a few problems with people not being able to comment unless it's a pop up box (something to do with google +?) but I can changed it back if you all prefer. There's also a new bloglovin button in the sidebar, and you can follow me on there if you currently read my blog in a google reader. If there's other methods you guys like to follow blogs with let me know! 

I mentioned on Monday that I had been playing around with making my own fonts, and when I discovered Aubrey's blog The Kinch Life and she had a whole post on making fonts, well I knew I had found a new favourite blog :) And she posts a weekly freebie for your desktop background (this week's pictured below) so yep, it's official. New favourite blog.

Download it on Aubrey's blog!

Another post that really resonated with me this week was from Jess Lively, "why I'm removing sponsors from my blog". I keep reading things about sidebar ads decreasing and more blogs moving to 'brought to you by' kind of sponsors or partnering with brands (neither of which I've done, but I guess I'm open to?). I haven't decided yet, and probably nothing will change until the end of April, but I wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. Sidebar sponsors - yay or nay?

Also, for my Canadian readers, have you seen BlogPodium is happening again??? SO excited already and it's not even til September! There's not a ton of details yet, but you can sign up for the newsletter to receive any updates - can't wait til September!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!