Spring Reading List

One of the only good things about last week's dreary weather is that it is perfect reading weather.

I've got 4 or 5 books that I need to write proper reviews for on here, but until I gather my thoughts, here's a peak at what I'm reading right now:

click the covers to find out more about them

Life After Life (Kate Atkinson)
Finished this last week, so expect a review this week or next. Quick thoughts: it was good. The idea behind it is so simple (who hasn't wished they could change the past?) but it is so well thought out. 

You're Made for a God-Sized Dream (Holley Gerth)
I received this book as an ebook for being part of the God-sized Dream Team, but I still want to buy a physical copy of it. It's like a BFF coming along side you an encouraging you to keep going and move past what's holding you back in order to follow those little or big dreams tucked in your heart.

Summer at Tiffany (Marjorie Hart)
I bought this a couple months ago, but I've been saving it for warmer weather. It just seems like the perfect easy read - chic, glamourous, & that classic Tiffany blue. 

419 (Will Ferguson)
This is another one that's been sitting around the house for a while. I think it won a few prizes here in Canada last year, and it does look really interesting. Might be the next one I read - been sitting unread for long enough!

What's on your reading list this spring? Do tell!!