The Book Fair

Confession, I kind of love the smell of old books. I usually like all books smells - the first time you open a brand new book is kind of nice - but there's something about old book smell, you know? That particular mustiness can't be beat haha

There's a local book fair that happens every year around this time that we always try to get to. I think I missed one a couple years ago, but I love going and poking around. They have books on everything (really) because they sell whatever books people donate (it benefits a local organization) and they sell them pretty cheap. I've never bought a book that was over 3 or 4 dollars.

It is by far my favourite place to scout out old Agatha Christie books (I will own all of them one day) but I'm always up for any good mystery book. It's a little overwhelming because the tables are overflowing with books, and there's boxes of even more books under the tables, making it necessary to stop by several times while its open to see what else has been unboxed. There's always a pretty big mystery section, so that's where I usually spend most of my time. It's kind of fun to be on a book hunt :)

This years scores were pretty good! My brother requested we look for The Great Gatsby (not a one was found) and On The Road (again, no luck) but I did find several new-ish releases and one old school Penguin classic with a gorgeous green cover (ok fine, I bought it for the cover, but it did sound sort of interesting). There was this really cool super old French bible, and I kind of regret putting it down so I might have to buy it if it's still there tomorrow.

I may have already finished Death Comes to Pemberly (by P.D. James) and now I have to pick which one to read next :)

Have you gone to any book fairs lately? What section would you get lost in?