Font Love: Bold Sans Serifs

I'm still a little tired from the weekend, and I had another post planned for today, but it just wasn't coming together, so I've got some gorgeous fonts instead :)

Sans serifs are everywhere. You're reading my blog with one right now! Some work better when they're thin, and some work better when they're bold and chunky. I've rounded up some of my favourite chunky sans serifs :) And yes, this may be to appease my lusting over Brandon Grotesque. (I shared it a few weeks ago with some other fonts I want. It's so expensive but so perfect)
Europe Underground, Ostrich Sans, Century Gothic, Futura, Trend Sans

I also decided to use the same text so you could compare them all. There's certain letters that you can sometimes identify fonts by - G's are good, same with M's or N's. There's oh-so-slight differences that can make a big impact. Also note the spacing and width and height of the letters. Sans serifs make look simple, but don't let that deceive you. They are vastly different and can change the whole look of a project.

Europe Underground, Ostrich Sans, Century Gothic, Futura, Trend Sans
You probably already have Century Gothic & Futura on your computer, and Europe Underground & Ostrich Sans are free (for personal use), but Trend Sans is part of the premium Trend family. You can buy it separate from the family, which does help the cost.

Which sans serif do you gravitate towards?