Font Love: Wants

These posts are my favourite to put together :) Finding and sharing fonts is so fun!

Usually my font posts feature fonts that I use & love. But today I wanted to feature some that I want. So yes, they're all premium fonts, but most won't break the bank (especially if you wait for a sale). I think they're all so lovely and if I had the money, I would own them all (and a few more...)

Dulce, Insolente, Brandon Grotesque, Melany Lane, Frontage

Insolente is the least expensive at $15, Dulce & Melany Lane are $49, Frontage is $55 (comes with six layering fonts), and then there's Brandon Grotesque. If you ever have price shock, don't click over - just know it's Expensive with a capitol 'E'. And of course, it's the one I want the most - typical.

Have you or would you ever buy a font? What's at the top of your wishlist?