May Goals + Favourites

Monthly goal posts seem to be popping up more frequently in my blog reader, so I thought I would share some of mine this month along with my weekly favourites.

1) Workout 4 times a week, consistently. Been getting back into the groove for a few weeks and now I want to make sure I stick with it!!

2) Spend more time outdoors. Our windows have been open all week and it is wonderful! Need to spend more time outside, not just getting the breeze inside :)

3) Read through the Old Testament. More specifically, Exodus & Leviticus. I decided a few weeks ago to read the OT this year and that's where I'm reading this month.
Favourite pin of the week - wouldn't you want to spend all day out there??
Things I loved this week:

Random acts of kindness are some of the loveliest, and Michaela wants to hear your stories!

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What you missed on the blog:
Hope you have a lovely weekend!