Nailed It: Jazz Inspired

Well. This post has taken far longer to put together than originally planned! Didn't realize how rusty I've gotten in the video editing department haha

I decided to create a collection of polishes that I felt evoked that 1920's vibe, and I love how it came out. You can watch it below, or click here if the video player doesn't work.

I've been planning for weeks to see The Great Gatsby when it came out, and tonight was the night! Such a spectacle - the costumes and set design were amazing, not to mention the soundtrack!! I've been on a total 1920's inspired kick lately (as I think many others have too...) so it was just perfect.

I just love the combo of all the nail polishes above - included some of my all time favourites (Midnight Mission, Tart with a Heart) and some newer loves (Zelda & Gabrielle). So many beautiful combinations in there! I've got them all on display and I'm itching to create a mani with some of them!

I've currently got Julep Zelda & Nails Inc. Porchester Square on my nails with some half-moon action - love it! Feels slightly glitzy, but the creme tones it down. Been thinking up all the other combos I can use for this half-moon mani - it's so simple but so gorgeous.

Have you seen Gatsby yet?? Is the 1920's aesthetic creeping into your style?