Scenes from the Weekend

Why hello there! I've been enjoying an extra long weekend (took Friday off too) and it has been lovely! Spent some time with my BFF and helped fix up our backyard - some fun plans in the works back  there!

And since it would be no fun to just tell you what I did, I've got some photos to show too!
Lilac tree & forget-me-nots
Adorable mini lanterns from Target (you can see them along the top of the photo above as well)
The beginnings of my little herb garden! Mint, rosemary, basil & chives.
How I started my Friday morning - 7:30am in Starbucks haha
What I wore on my nails this weekend - Butter London Thames, Nails Inc Warwick Way, & Forever 21 'Teal'
And the nails! These were so super glittery and fun! I redid my nails this evening and I kind of miss the glitter...
Shopping in Party City for camp with the BFF. If only I could get away with wearing that sombrero to church...

How did you spend your long weekend?