Artist Love: Stephanie Sterjovski

Today I am so excited to be featuring a designer I so admire. If you don't already know who Stephanie Sterjovski is, you should! She's been featured on The Everygirl, Framework Mag, and HGTV Magazine to name a few. Her style is impeccable and her print shop is full of the loveliest prints I've ever seen. She is incredibly talented and can only keep rising from here :)

AND, if that wasn't exciting enough, Stephanie will also be speaking at BlogPodium! I'm so thrilled to be speaking alongside her :) (Her talk is 'From Blog to Business') If you want more information on BlogPodium (or on either of our talks!) there's a button in the sidebar that will take you there :)
I am so excited to be sharing an interview with Steph today - a little bit of insider knowledge on her lovely shop :)

Your shop opened last summer, what inspired you to open it? What was/is your goal or motivation behind it?
My readers inspired me to open my shop after getting asked every week if I sold my “Wordy Wednesday” posts on my old blog. I had a huge love for graphic design as well, and loved creating these fun pieces. My goal was just to spread positive expressions in everyone’s home.

Proverbs 31:25
Who is your perfect customer? Does she have a story?
I value all my customers, and especially love working on custom orders with them or hearing how my prints (especially the words I choose to use in my designs) have touched their lives in a positive way.

Good Things
You have come out with some seriously beautiful collections & prints, where do you get your inspiration? 
Thank You! I get inspired by so many things, I literally write a new idea down everyday in my notebook, or on my phone while I am out exploring life, immersing myself in fashion and design. I go through all my ideas at the end of each month and then fine tune them in to a collection.

Colossians 3:14
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints? 
My pink & gold LOVE print was a happy accident, I was playing around with placement of the letters moving them around to create them into a diamond, and all of a sudden I loved how it looked where I had placed them to be separated. That one kind of just stuck with me :)

Only Happy Thoughts
What is your favourite item in your store?
My favourite item in the store right now is my new print, Only Happy Thoughts. The gold foil combined with those profound words remind me to focus on the joy, plus I am gold obsessed right now!

Thankyou so much Steph!! Love the story of how your 'LOVE' print turned out - such a beautiful 'accident'!! And the gold foil prints are stunning. Need to find room for one! (I already have & love this print!)

Steph's blog is one of my daily reads - she always has the most beautiful photos! (clearly evidenced by her shop photos above too!) She posts on everything from style to beauty to the lovely little things that make her smile :)

You can check out her shop here & be sure to follow along with Steph on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram!!