Backyard Updates

You may remember me mentioning our backyard-spruce-up-project a few weeks ago, and today I have some photos to share!

This is the view out our back door onto the deck and the yard beyond. The patio stones (at the bottom of the steps) are new, as are the garden beds along either side. Well, they were there before but looked a little overgrown and shabby. Such an improvement! (I kind of love this photo - the raindrops in focus look so cool!)

If you walk past the deck and around the corner, there's a fence and gate covered in grape vines haha We've planted some wisteria (you can see it in the bottom right) to hopefully grow in and around the vines.

They grow like weeds, but I think forget-me-nots are so sweet! They're the prettiest blue and they look lovely in (controlled) patches :)

Our new tree! I think it's a Japanese Maple and hopefully when it grows a little it will offer some privacy for the deck. It's such a lovely contrast to all the green.

And finally, what might be one of my favourite details, the garden boots! Some family friends came to help with our garden and they brought these old boots with them (the soles are worn out). We filled them with succulents and sat them on a tree stump beside the patio. They just make me smile :)

I am also happy to report that my little herb garden is doing quite well! The basil is thriving and I've been including it in everything lately. The mint is also super happy (it's pretty hard to kill) and I'm thinking I need to make some lemon & mint water soon :)

How are your outdoor spaces looking? Do you have a little herb garden too?


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