Chip Kidd is awesome.

You've heard of TED, right? Good.

Last weekend I had a painting project to work on, so I listened to a bunch of TED talks in the background, one of them being 'Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is' by Chip Kidd. I'd never heard of him, didn't know what he'd designed, but I like books and I like design and designing book covers sounds like an awesome job, so I listened. Video is embedded below, but you can also view it here.

And this is what I realized:

1) Designing book covers wouldn't be an awesome job, it would be the BEST job. Seriously. Can someone write a book so I can design the cover? Kthxbye.

2) Chip Kidd is awesome. How have I not heard of him before???

'Dry' (below) might be my favourite cover, because it is just so brilliant. But the 1Q84 cover (below) is also pretty genius. Chip Kidd is also the one that designed the original Jurassic Park cover (above) - recognize that dinosaur? You can view more of his covers in this Time slideshow.

So. If you have ever wondered what goes into designing a book cover or even if you just like books or design, you should most definitely check out his talk.

Any other TED talks I need to watch?