Daily Beauty

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I did a post on my daily skincare a while back and decided to share my daily beauty routine too. Now, some people may think this is a lot, and some may think this isn't much. But this is what works for me and my skin, which is oily, kind of sensitive, acne-prone and acne scarred (flat red marks that look like acne but aren't and usually stick around for a few months). I use all these products whenever I'm doing a full face of makeup (aka, leaving the house for more than a few errands) and love them all.

Yes, I know I have two foundations on there haha The Neutrogena shade I have (10 - classic ivory) is just a bit too pale and the Clinique shade that I have (05 - neutral) is way too dark, so I mix them to achieve a better colour match. I really like the way they mix and look on my face, so I stick with it.

For eye primers, I like the NARS, but I've used Urban Decay Primer Potion & Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I like all three (the only one I've tried and didn't like was Benefit's Stay Don't Stray - my eyelids are too oily for that one). I'm not really loyal to face powders; I used to use one from Covergirl (really liked it) and I had Stay Matte from Rimmel (ehh not my favourite) before this one from Maybelline, which I quite like. I've used Benefit Hoola for years now, and I like it but my box is almost done and I've been looking into a new bronzer (NARS LagunaToo Faced Milk ChocolateBobbi Brown Bronzing Powder?) just to try something new. The NARS primer is really nice - gel based & no silicone! - but I also really love the Laura Mercier Face Primer.

Here's how I apply everything: After moisturizer & sunscreen, I do my eyes - usually just a pale shadow all over my lid, darker one in the crease, highlight under my brow, then winged liner & mascara. Then I do my face: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, then blush/bronzer. I switch up my blush depending on what I feel like - either a coral or pink usually. I'm not a lipstick person; I have a few that I like and a few glosses and I tend to stick with those. (Nail polish is my splurge area, not lipstick haha)

What's your daily beauty routine?