Friday Favourites, Vol 29

Where You Are
You may have seen it on Monday, but I've opened up a little shop on Society 6! Running my own print shop isn't really feasible at the moment, but I love designing and I wanted a way to share that. I love Society 6 because they offer so many products (tshirts! phone cases! pillows!) and they take care of the printing & shipping. If you want, you can pop on over (click here!), but the new 'shop' link below my header will take you there too :)

Favourite things from the week:
This dress (in black/white) - so perfect for summer!!
This post from Sarah - hope I can look back and think the same thing :)
This TED talk - recommended by my brother, so you know it's good haha

On the blog this week:
Minted Art & Giveaway!!

I'm also guest posting on the OTL blog today - will link it here when the post goes live!

Don't forget to enter the Minted giveaway and have a lovely weekend! I'm off to look at a possible wedding venue with my BFF for her wedding and we've planned a whole sort of weekend away around it and I'm so excited!
See you on Monday!