Nailed It: Glitter Gradient

I probably say this about all the manicure's I've posted, but I really love this one! haha My instagram of this is one of my all time favourites - the lighting, the focus, and the colour were all perfect.

It's such a fun & simple look!! I used Sally Hansen Raspberry Race as a base with Orly Bubbly Bombshell for the glitter. I wait for the base colour to dry and then I put a drop of glitter polish near the base of my nail and dab it around with my finger (you could use a sponge too). It takes 2-3 passes with the glitter but the gradient effect is just gorgeous!

The first layer of glitter I dab up my nail, and then I keep the next few layers closer and closer to the base - if that makes sense. I love this Orly shade because there's really fine glitter and slightly larger glitter which just gives this neat dimensional look to the gradient.

What do you think?

Have you ever done a glitter gradient? Is it something you would try?