Favourite Summer Polish

Finally, the video I had planned on posting two weeks ago is finally up! Say hello to my super awkward self haha Editing this took way too long and then it wouldn't export! So I had to fiddle with settings and change some things but it's up. There are still a bunch of things I would like to change (quality isn't the best, add backround music) but it's done and I promised myself I would post it no matter how awkward it was.

So here I am, talking about my favourite summer nail polishes (of course haha). Be nice please?

Click here if you have trouble with the video player.

+ how many times I say 'bright' & 'vibrant' - I clearly need a thesaurus

+ Four Leaf Clover does not appear accurate on camera - it's much greener, sort of like this

+ Warwick Way is off too - can't find an accurate picture online. It's crazy bright.

+ The Sally Hansen green I mentioned is #2 Green With Envy.

+ Gradient manicure I mentioned can be found here

+ Scotch Naturals - I bought mine at Blush Shop, but you can find it online

+ I prefer to buy nail polish in person, but Nail Polish Canada is one of my favourite online stores

I think that's everything, but if you have any questions or I forgot to list something I mentioned, let me know!

What are your favourite summer polishes?