Currently Loving, Vol 13

A magical creation from the genius that is Jamie & Kevin
Another week has come to an end! It's always busy coming back after a week away and playing catch-up, but I love the people I work with and that makes it so much easier! Wanted to share some of my favourite things from these past few weeks:

I've written before about my love of Jamie Beck (Ann Street Studio), but her site is full of so much gorgeousness I need to share it again! She posted the cinemagraph above earlier this week and then posted the making-of a few days later. I mean, she and her husband/partner Kevin are just photographic geniuses. Love every post they share!

I have all the ingredients and I'm dying to make these cookies! The perfect weekend project :)

I have a post stored away in my drafts about being an introvert that I need to finish & post one of these days (I like to think first and write later), but this article rings so true.

Interesting discussion on Gen-Y. This thought stuck with me: "Throughout our lives we followed the prescribed roadmap to success, only to face an economic climate where it no longer applied."

This article is a few weeks old, but I still wanted to share it because it has some really insightful thoughts on 20-year-olds today. Lots of good discussion surrounding my age group lately...

After photo from this experiment coming soon...

And a little bit of pretty for your weekend, these abstract paintings by Michaela are so lovely :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!