House Colour Palette

I know we can't be the only family to have such colour indecision. We've gathered paint swatches for months, debating colour ideas and going back & forth. But, fall is almost here and we need to paint!

As of this very moment, only two of these colours are on our walls (Natural Wicker & Gossamer Blue). And one is standing in as the rough shade of our living/dining room wallpaper (Green Smoke). The other four are still in idea stage, but I wanted to put them all together to see what I thought, and what you guys think! So here is the shade breakdown:

Green Smoke - our living & dining room have this kind of crazy but kind of awesome deep green wallpaper, and it's staying. It's roughly the shade of Green Smoke, although it is two-tone, so some parts are a bit lighter. While overall it is quite dark, we have light pine floors and lots of white trim so it works fairly well.

Revere Pewter - I think we should paint our kitchen cabinets this colour. It goes well with our current countertops (which aren't changing), white appliances (not changing in the near future) and IKEA island & chairs (which we love & wish we'd bought sooner!). We might do the upper cabinets a shade or two lighter, but at least the bottom cabinets will be this colour.

Teresa's Green - in real life, this shade looks a bit lighter and not quite as green. I think this might work really well on the kitchen walls(!). With white appliances, white trim (5 doors & a window in the kitchen), greige cabinets and black floor, it needs a colour that works will all of that and doesn't clash with the living/dining room or family room which both lead off the kitchen. I think some shade of light turquoise-green might look really good :)

Merlot Red - We've been thinking of painting the family room red for a while. It gets a TON of natural light thanks to 2 big windows and a skylight so it won't feel too dark. And I think the red will make it feel cozy (gets a little cold in there in the winter) and be a fun pop of colour off the kitchen :)

Natural Wicker - Moving upstairs, this is the colour on our back staircase walls (we have 2 staircases, welcome to old homes! haha) and upstairs hallway. Good, solid neutral that works will the current carpet and back staircase colour (black bean soup I think?).

Gossamer Blue - One of the bedrooms is in this colour and it's so lovely. Looks gorgeous with white trim and beige-y carpet.

Cornforth White - The colour I'm thinking for my bedroom! I was leaning towards a grey a little darker (Martha Stewart Chinchilla) but this one is my current favourite. Just the perfect amount of grey to offset the white trim and sand-y carpet.

The first four would be downstairs, while the last 3 are/would be upstairs. The whole house has chunky white trim and with the exception of the kitchen, fairly light floors. What do you guys think?