Six Fonts You Should Never, Ever Use

Also known as the The Font Sins.

I've been working on a project (announcing it Thursday!) and part of it has been making a list of fonts that should never be used. I feature so many awesome fonts, but I had to make sure you weren't using these fonts. If you have, that's okay, just promise not to ever again - even I used a few of these before I knew better.
Offender #1 - Comic Sans
 I mean, you kind of expected it right? You can't have a list of font sins and not include Comic Sans. I see this used and I'm baffled. The only possible project you should ever use this on is a comic book, and even then, there's so many more options. If you want something fun, try Orange JuiceUpdate: A few teachers pointed out in the comments that there are not many common fonts out there that have the 'a' written the way they teach students to write an 'a' - so teachers, you do indeed have possibly the only valid reason to use Comic Sans haha

Offender #2 - Papyrus
 We have all used Papyrus at some point - remember that tea-stained Egyptian paper you did in grade 4? - but promise me you will never use it again. You want something that looks old and worn? Try Veneer.

Offender #3 - Curlz
 This one makes me shudder. Please stop trying to make this font happen. Just please stop, okay? It's just never acceptable. Instead, try Sacramento.

Offender #4 - Mistral
 I understand that you want to use a font that looks handwritten, but this one is just so ugly. There is no excuse for ugliness, especially when there are SO many beautiful scripts. Try Insolente or Bombshell.

Offender #5 - Lucida Handwriting
 Again, why use an ugly script when there is such an abundance of gorgeous ones? Learning Curve would be a fantastic substitute for this.

Offender #6 - Impact
If you want to use a font to make an impact, don't use this one. It's just...don't. Try Nexa Slab or Bebas Neue.

Other Offenders: Zapfino, Marker Felt, Arial.

What other fonts make you shudder?