BlogPodium 2013: The Weekend

Goodness. Where to begin??

I had the most amazing weekend. BlogPodium was just beyond any expectations I had. From meeting people I'd only chatted with via email & twitter, making some wonderful new friendships, and giving a presentation on Photoshop, it was such an amazing fantastic experience. Jen, you did SO good.

photo from Jillian Murphy
I headed down to Toronto on Friday afternoon for tea with Sarah Richardson. I mean, I probably don't need to tell you, but it was so fun! Jennifer from Pluck Teas was there making some fancy teas, and she gifted us all with Sarah's favourite tea, Cream Earl Grey. I mean, that's my favourite tea too, so me and Sarah are obviously BFF's now.

After the loveliest afternoon with Sarah & the most awesome bloggers, I helped with some of the final setup for BlogPodium the next day. All those paint cans in your swagbags? I helped put them there :)

And after a somewhat sleepless night, it was time for BlogPodium!!!!!  Not even the rain could dampen the awesomeness of the day. Breakfast was yummy (with tea & coffee from Starbucks!), all the sessions were great, lunch was delish, and soon it was time for my session!! I cannot say thankyou enough to all the lovely ladies that came to hear me speak - you were so wonderful & kind and I couldn't have asked for a better audience. I hope you all learned lots & I can't wait to see what you create!

As I sat on the train home Saturday night, I probably had the biggest smile on my face. I was fairly nervous going into the weekend, but could not be more thrilled with how it all went. Everyone was so kind and lovely and um, fabulously stylish! I can't say enough good things!! I'm already excited for the next one :)

I've got another recap coming tomorrow - everyone I met and all the cards I collected!! Thought about combining everything but it might go on for days haha

Update: Check out part two over here!


all photos by Anna With Love Photography, unless noted.