DIY Ombre

Ombre!! I've been wanting to do something to my hair for a while - it's long, straight and can be a bit blah if I don't style it. It needs a good cut, but I figured before I cut it I might as well have some fun with hairdye :)

I was inspired by Sydney (of The Daybook) and her ombre post to try the L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre. I bought shade 070, the one for light brown hair. The picture on the box for medium-dark brown hair kind of scared me.

I was actually really pleased with the results! It's not too extreme and it didn't go too orange-y, which my hair has a tendency to do with dye. 

I would be careful if you already have coloured hair, even if it's growing out, as the results may turn out a little wonky. I have died my hair in the past, but its been a few years so I felt fairly safe doing this.

My other tip would be to apply it thinly and slowly. Please do not follow the box and paint a solid line around your head! Start at the bottom and gradually work it up. Do some bits higher than others, so it varies and looks more natural (as much as box dye can haha).

It changes how it looks, depending on the lighting. All the photos here (with the exception of the Instagram ones) were taken on the same day in the same light (natural daylight) and even they look different. 

It's not a crazy difference, you might not even notice in real life, but it gives some dimension to my hair that it was seriously lacking before! Yay for box dye! haha