If you were to stop by today...

If you were to stop by today,

I would offer you a muffin - blueberry raspberry ones! - and a cup of tea - creme earl grey is my favourite, but we have all the regular kinds too - or maybe a brownie? - we use the ghirardelli mix - and we could sit outside if it's sunny or inside if it's cooler and talk about our weeks. I might show you the gallery wall I'm working on - it needs some tweaking - and we'd talk about your current projects. I'd take you on a walk through the neighbourhood - all my dear friends get the tour - and we could stop by the cafe around the corner. It would be a lovely visit that would end all too soon, until the next time you stop by :)


ps. I'll be sending emails to all the winners of the Blog Design Essentials giveaway later today!! So keep an eye on your inbox :)