My Top Fonts

Trend Sans, Castro Script, Didot, Montserrat, Veneer, Baskerville
When I'm putting together these font posts, I always try to share fonts that I actually use (unless it's a round-up of new fonts). And since these six seem to be in constant rotation lately, I thought I should share!

Trend Sans - I bought the whole Trend family when it was first introduced (and on a crazy sale) and am so ridiculously glad I did. I cannot say enough good things about this font family, especially Trend Sans. Looks good small, looks good huge, and everything in between. I use it all the time on things I design for the blog (see the top of the image? 'that I use all the time' is Trend Sans) and quite a lot on client projects too.

Castro Script - This script is so good. I prefer it slightly to Learning Curve Pro, but I do use both. I love the way it flows and doesn't look too formal, while still looking pretty classy - if that makes sense haha

Didot - Such a classic! This is what I used for my header, and it's the only font I used on my business cards. I use it a lot on things I design for the blog too - love how it looks in all caps, or lowercase italic is pretty awesome too.

Montserrat - This is probably the newest addition to the list, but it's going to be around for a while. It's a web-font, so it's perfect to use for my client work, but it works great as a desktop font too. I love the letters and how they look - some sans-serif just look off to me.

Veneer - I held off on buying this font for a long time, until I found it on a crazy sale one week. I've since used it on two blog designs (hodge:podge and Saige Wisdom) and the cover of my eBook! It comes with various 'weights' so it can look as eroded as you like.

Baskerville - This font has been in my favourites for years (probably 7-ish?). It goes through phases where I don't use it as much, but whenever I need a good solid serif, I usually try Baskerville first. And if you didn't know, that gorgeous ampersand that you find everywhere is Baskerville Italic :)

Honorable mentions to this list would be BD Paris Bold and Thirsty Rough, while past inductees would include Signerica and Josefin Slab.

What tops your list at the moment?

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