Nailed It: Gold Sparkle

I wasn't sure how to transition back into 'regular' blogging after the amazingness of BlogPodium so I figured I'd show you my nails from the weekend :) I was debating between this half moon look & this glitter gradient, but I wanted something neutral that would work for whatever outfits I chose.

So I pulled out my trusty cream, Mousseline, and my new favourite gold glitter, Only Gold For Me, and had some fun!

Mousseline takes a good 4 coats to become opaque, but I like the 'milky' quality that gives it. To apply Only Gold For Me, I would wipe most of the excess polish off on the bottle and then dab some on my nail. You can use only the brush, but I tend to use my finger to spread the larger glitter pieces and create the 'gradient' effect with the smaller glitter. Two-ish coats of glitter later and some topcoat to seal it all up! (I've switched to Sally Hansen Diamond Flash topcoat and I'm really liking it!!)

I was really really pleased with how it turned out! It worked with both my outfits for tea with Sarah & BlogPodium and I even received a few compliments at our lunch table :)

What's your go-to mani for big events?