I left this photo quite large, so if you want you can make it your background/screensaver  :) 
Life lately has been pretty good. Work's been steady, things seem to turn out the way I'd like, and I've got some exciting things coming up! Some yes, by my own planning, but some that can only have been through divine planning. (and let's be honest, even the things I've 'planned' have had some help from above)

Took these photos last night in the backyard and even though the bottom one is just so slightly blurry, I still kind of love it. The leaf in the top right and one of the very back grapes are in focus - it wasn't what I intended, but I'm still learning. And I think sometimes we forget about the process and just want to jump straight to the results.

The process - the waiting - is important. So don't give up friends :) Something good is around the bend.